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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Can Blind dates lead to Serious Relationship?

A lot of persons don’t have the time and patience to wait for the right person to connect with them automatically via matters of the heart these present days. Having relationships are quite difficult as well as keeping one. Most times, the people we admire or want to date have already gotten themselves some other persons they claim to love. This could leave us focusing on other aspects of our lives. Other times, one is too busy with jobs or education attainment and their love lives suffers. This allows relatives, friends or third parties to set up blind dates.

A blind date is a social engagement between two people who have not previously met, usually arranged by a mutual acquaintance. Relatives and friends believe they know who is most suitable to make the best couple for you, so they try everything in their own power to match-make you with someone. Lately, we have sites that help with matchmaking. Yeah! Dating sites. All you have to do is make yourself available after fixing the venue, it could be in a coffee shop or at dinner or any other place you comfortable with.

After a blind date, the result is either positive or negative, negative in the sense that the blind date must have gone well but the person isn’t your type or the blind date didn’t go well at all. Positive in the sense that the date may or may not have gone well but you want to hook up again. Blind date Failures are as a result of obstacles in our mind; how the other person would look or act, how they would react to how we look and act, or how the date would go and what our escape strategy would look like.

Blind dates are completely awkward for both parties, be warm and welcoming. They are also likely to go well, if we set our expectations to neutral. Tare your mind to nothing at all, not nothing per se, average. Don’t expect too much and don’t expect too less, just normal, to avoid disappointment. Choose a nice and comfortable venue for the date. Often times than not, ladies always want the man to make the choice, to know what his tastes are like. Some smart men might give three to five options for the lady in question to make the final decision and I think with that, the chemistry could begin or it could make the blind date to be much anticipated.

For the guys, they should dress to impress. Ladies always love looking good when they go on dates but I doubt it is the same with men. Most men buy dresses that are not even their size. Worse part is, they wear them to the blind date. Trust me that is a very big turn off for gorgeous ladies. Arrive early to get the big field advantage; getting acquainted to the environment if you’ve never been there before. The two parties involved should try to calm their nerves as they make conversations. Try not to ask too personal questions but be a good listener and always give the other person the chance to express themselves; don’t be judgemental.  After the date, always leave on a high note and make your feelings known at this stage; so there would be no misconception about the date. In case you would love to hang out one more time or vice versa.

Blind dates are indeed exciting because you may have no idea about who the person you are meeting is, or what the person looks like, what interests the person, sometimes you don’t even know the person name. All you need is to be at exact time at the particular place. Isn’t that romantic?
I feel blind dates could lead to a very serious relationship, if the two parties involved are open minded and simultaneous. When you go for a blind date and the person intrigues you, in the process try to have subsequent dates. One could earn himself or herself a serious relationship. There is no lay down rule or regulation to finding love or to having a very serious relationship.

Cecilia Nwana


The Royal Family of the University of Nigeria Nsukka is set to inaugurate new Lords and Ladies into the Forum. Within the past years, they have taken it upon themselves to train, organise pageantries and crown the best of all departments, faculties and organizations within the school.

And now, on January 28th, 2017, she is set to induct the New Generation of Royalties in an event which will also witness the send off of graduated royalties and the official hand over of power to a new administration/Executives.
More importantly, they also have "Icons" who re though not crowned by d FORUM but by virture of portraying Exellence, became CELEBRITIES, such as studio managers, fashion designers, comedians, great MCs, skilled crew directors, Actors, etc. ll b Welcomed, entertained nd honoured. CELEBRITIES from far nd wide, from Calabar, Enugu, Lagos, Imo, other Universities nd also University of Nigeria ll b there to grace this celebration.

This UNN KINGS AND QUEENS FORUM is the first of such organisations in Nigerian universities, and prides herself for the many national and international champions she has trained and unleashed into the society. They have professional models, music artists, coaches, ambassadors, event organisers, winners of different pageant nd awards in Nigeria and managers, caterers etc. IF U ARE A CELEBRITY in the University of Nigeria Nsukka, be proud to join ur family because we are all CELEBRITIES & ROYALTIES, therefore, there is only a place worth being on the 28th of January, 2017👉CELEBRITIES NIGHT & The Induction of the New Generation by UNN KINGS👑 AND QUEENS👑 FORUM.

The event is at Grace Manor Hotels and Suites, Nsukka.

A POOL PARTY celebration >yes, after its officialities, we all jump into d POOL. So dnt forget ur swimming trunks as u still dress official waiting for d family fun in d POOL.

Red Carpet starts by 6pm

Main event starts by 8pm
For more enquires call
Lrd. Amb. Cykloud-0803 898 1994 or Lrd.Amb. Dinachi-07069697263 or Lrd. Macdon-0703 837 2256

Be there!!!
We are Royalties👑, and we are driven by Excellence!🌌

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Can you take Insults from strangers for not replying their chats?

Hello CDR (Ceceydiamomd Readers) and welcome to another segment of my Pep Talk show. The show would be held every Saturday, please do well to anticipate it and also try to air your views through the comment box, surely you would get a follow up comment from me.

Have you ever been insulted for not responding to the chat? I personally thinks its very ridiculous for any human being to reign insults on someone for not replying his or her chats most especially on Facebook.

Anyways, some person tried chatting me up on Facebook and I didn't reply at first but later on, he called me STUPID. He said you are very stupid. I kept mute and after some time again without responding to his chats, he said that again and I asked him if he was Okay and he replied saying someone will chat you and you wont reply.

Honestly! I tried insulting him back and he insulted  my parents.

The Bone of Contention is;

1. If you were to be on my shoes, what would be your reactions?  would you insult the person back or ignore totally?

2. Have you ever insulted anyone for not responding to your chats and if you have, why did you do that?

Let's be honest please in our comments.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Weird Land

A land where walking close or holding hands with the opposite sex is a crime, sitting beside two opposite sex in a public vehicle is a crime that is, sitting in the middle of two ladies for a male and vice versa. Where taking alcohol is seen as a sin and smoking of cigarettes is just. Where men bend down to urinate like ladies and rinse off their uncircumcised thing with water. Where public display of affections is a taboo even for married spouse. Where the magistrates sentences you to 80 strokes of cane without a court meeting. Welcome to the land; KANO!

Ah! how do I write this? Should I start from the beginning? Abeg! I go start from wetin happen last night. My boo and I went to catch some fun. We went to Villa Atlanta in Sabon-Gari; a bar, to chill off the week's stress of finding a PPA. One thing about that town is that, its the only place alcohol is allowed and they have a lot of bars located in that vicinity. It is the chilling centre in Kano. We took some bottles and chicken pepper-soup. I had fun and was even sad when it was time to head back to the bush I stay, that was how we got busted. Should I stop here? I'm shy!

Okay! Let me continue. We stopped a Keke headed to our destination, the breeze was so cold that I was shivering because I wasn't with a cardigan. Imaging cold Kano plus cold breeze, na death be that, even if you are a cold blooded animal, you must shiver. Boo decided to show he was a caring man; he parted my arms to create some heat while I rested on his shoulders.

Omo! na so police stop the Keke o, him come talk say we don commit crime o and ordered the keke driver to move to the court. No be small thing o. I tried explaining to the officer that I wasn't feeling fine, very heartless man, you won't believe that he insisted we were taken to the court to receive adequate punishment for romancing in public. I was embarrassed not because I was under arrest but because I couldn't bare to see my boo being insulted practically for my own misdoing. If I had my way, I would have given the old cargo a dirty slap.

We got to the court and my boo had to bribe the man with a thousand naira, as rigid as he claimed to be, he collected the money and freed us. I went home in rage, pondering why big Alhaji's normally tint their vehicles? You never see through them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Grail (4)

Precious, I'm dead o, I don't know what to do right now, and you know sleeping with Leo is not an option for me.

I do, let me think of who to call, okay!

As early as 6:30am, I got a call from Kip Kip; Precious ex-boyfriend. He sent a shuttle to pick me up from Leo's lodge. As i was leaving, i gave Leo #500 for the food he gave me the previous night and for the calls i made with his phone. Funny enough he collected it, I never expectedit! If i knew he would have collected it, i wouldn't have given him, honestly! Mtcheewwwww.

I narrated my escapade to Kip Kip and he was amazed. I was so happy as he received me well. I spent three days at the east instead of one week that i planned to stay and trust me, it was very boring even with Kip Kip system. After a week, I got another phone. A Samsung Galaxy S6.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Devil's Incarnate

You are not him but you are worse than him. You have same goals; his is bad and yours is worse. Goals aimed at destroying innocent souls. Oga you are evil. You don't have the same blood but the same heart. Your heart is a web full of deceit, your both names makes me nauseous. Y'all are twin brothers from different mothers, how pathetic.


You came into my life when I was emotionally hurting; in pains, desperate and confused. You took advantage of my situation. You promised heaven and earth. Before your promises, you listened to my plight; how I was foolishly in love with a guy that used me to satisfy his selfish desires while he was keeping another woman entirely elsewhere. How he told me I was not calm but he wants me because I am art inclined; of course, that means apparently am fun to be with unlike his girl who is commercially inclined. I remembered him telling me she was boring, calm and calculated that evening and that she is the only one capable of taming him. If that’s true I wondered why he was with me. I have seen her! She’s nothing compared to me; a tall, dark and fat lady who looks dull unlike me. I am smart, talented, spontaneous and of course, clumsy, razz and very dramatic as he accused me of.  

He claimed he started dating her before he met me but he couldn’t bring himself to let me know not until I saw him from with two of his friends on my street. I waited for them to catch up with me, when they did, I greeted his friends and he pecked me at the nape of my neck while we hugged. We held hands and spoke for a while. I diverted to my house after a short while without asking who his friends where, I didn’t have reason to and he haven’t given me reasons to suspect him.

The next day, we had a birthday party to attend and I had to meet him there. On getting there, I noticed he was with the friends I saw the previous day. I sat close to him and we spoke. We had to go collect our jollof rice and chicken, when we got there, he was like, do you know that lady sitting beside Jude?

I said no.

He gave me a shocker, ‘’she’s my girlfriend! Ferida’’. I didn’t know how to tell you she was around.

''If this is a joke, please stop it. Tell me you want to burst my bubbles'', I begged.

''Anyways, she’s on her period, so don’t think any funny thing would happen at night''.

''So, what am I to you?'' I demanded to know, raising my voice.

Babe I didn’t ask you out, please don’t make a scene.

We are matured, you know how I feel about you and vice versa, we are no friends, friends don’t make love, and we are obviously no kids.

Let’s talk about this later, as this isn’t the place or time.

I went over to our seat and stretched my hands towards Ferida, we shook hands as she didn’t hesitate to respond. Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself formally. I am Alena. How many days would you be spending with us?
No wahala, I understand, two more days,
You are welcomed, I smiled saying that and she did too while saying thank you with a happy tone.
What drink do you care for Alena? The guy serving the drink asked me and I responded saying Malta Guinness. What I requested for was finished and Ferida offered me her Malta Guinness. She told me she doesn’t like it, I had no option than to accept it. It hurt me though, because I was sleeping with a nice girl boyfriend, thinking he was mine. I kept my calm sha.

When she left, I went over to Simon’s place; Ferida boyfriend and my supposed boyfriend.
‘’I’m no longer interested in whatever we both share’’, I lamented.
I love you, Alena.
Keep your love to yourself, I shouted, shutting him out.
That was when he told me, he needs a calm lady and he wants me, because with me, everything is fun. When I asked him to choose between Ferida and I he chose Ferida saying I was a tool if fun for him and he is engaged to his Ferida.

At that moment, the relationship I was keeping for months; 10 months to be precise ended abruptly. He made me feel good, always supported everything I did, was there for me, physically, emotionally and otherwise, he used me always as his dp’s. I wondered what he told his fiancé because I never saw her picture on his dp at all. Probably he lied to her that we were close friends that’s why she didn’t flinch when she saw us hug and hold hands and all.  Now all that is story, I was hurting because, the guy whom I was loving was busy using me for his own selfish desire. He wasted my time! I never imagined that I would be in this mess. But here I am drenched in pains.

I hate him! You comforted me but you are the real devil. You cut me right into my flesh. You stroked me to my bone marrow. With a blink of an eye, you destroyed my spleen. You are the definition of pure wickedness. You are the same as a murderer; devil’s incarnate. Yes! Devil’s incarnate. I wrote at the beginning that you got me when I was desperate, confused and in pains. I’m perplexed on how I became married to you. You are not who you claimed to be, you are simply a monster. Good for nothing imbecile!
You came into my life as an angel. Tolerated all my shits while we were dating. Promised not to ever break my heart. Promised to love me and me alone. You said you admired me, you said you would protect me from all the snares of this world. You were the most caring person I had ever known. We went to church together, prayed and played together. We never had any serious problem. Although we dated foe 3 months before we got engaged. Our relationship and love was envied by our friends. Who would believe all that was a camouflage? I saw the symptoms but I ignored them.

It started on our honeymoon, we planned to travel to Dubai after our wedding but you cancelled it for reasons best known to you. That night, I tried nagging about it and you gave me three resounding slaps. I was surprised. It happened at the hotel not too far from the place we rented to build our home. I went to the bathroom, locked up myself, wailed and wailed. You followed suit and stayed at the door apologizing for hitting me. I forgave you, came out and we made love like horny dogs. It was wonderful, the best sex I have ever had.

I woke up the next morning, lying next to you. Where else would I rather be? Don’t mind me. I innocently asked my husband when we were rescheduling our flight to Dubai because I was anxious about the trip, who wouldn’t be? You won’t believe he dragged me to the edge of the bed, shouting at me as well, asking me not to talk about the Dubai trip. I was frightened as hell, goose bumps appeared on my body.

‘’Who are you and why are you so aggressive?’’ I asked in retaliation for dragging my ass to the edge of the bed.

My supposed husband choked me to the wall, he was strangling me before I could utter another statement. It didn’t end there, he shouted at me and I could feel the hate radiating from him. I asked myself what happened to the man I love because this is far from what he is. I feel like I made a wrong wow. What have I done to deserve this treatment?

But what amazed me was that within few minutes he grovelled to my feet and apologised. You need to see him shedding tears, asking me to forgive him and not to tell anyone especially my parents about all his attacks on me. I was scared and the only choice I had left was to accept and forgive my husband even though I was scared.

Five days later, I caught him f**king another woman on our matrimonial bed red-handed. Even in shock, I screamed with a voice mixed with pain and anger; what! Michael; my supposed husband, looked at me as if he was doing the right thing. I tried to focus my anger on the lady but within a blink of an eye, she was nowhere to be found. I guess she ran for her life.  That pig, Michael pounced on me. He hit me all over. From my head to my legs in fact he succeeded at dislocating my left arm. My screams and pleas didn’t leave the fore walls of our room. He asked me to keep shut as I was saying he would kill me and asking for mercy. As I wailed on, he smashed a bottle to my head.


How I got to the hospital, I sincerely don’t know. What I know is that I’m not going back to that batterer I married.


The End.


Thanks to Glory Edet for inspiring this story with the first paragraph. I knew I had to work on it when I saw it on her status.







Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Babe Lashes out at Nigga who asked his Sickle Cell Girlfriend to go for abortion

A lady took to her instagram page and lashed out at a guy who asked his Sickle Cell Girlfriend to go for abortion.

See Photos Below;

Sometimes, we need to wash our dirty linen outside to stop some crazy things insane people do.

Two OAU Students dies; One on Christmas Day and the Other on Boxing day

A 400-level Medical student of the Obafemi Awolowo University; Oluwaseun Olorunfemi was struck by a Hit-n-Run driver on the 20th December, 2016 as he was heading to the hospital for lecture.
After 6 days in coma, Femi reportedly gave up the ghost on Christmas day at the University’s Teaching hospital.
Another student of OAU, 100-level student of the Faculty of Education was rushed to the University’s hospital immediately after complaining of mild headache.
Taiwo Oyeleye died in the early hours of Monday; 26th of December after doctors effort to revive her failed.
What a terrible loss for the institution and their families.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Delta State Secretary Sends Nude Picture to Friends.

Delta State Secretary, Hon Festus Ovie Agas, mistakenly, has sent his phonographic photo to a Whatsapp group he belongs to while trying to explain to his friends that Hilary Ibegbulem, Okowa’s principal Secretary has taken over his job.

See photos below;

Nawa o

Grail (3)

What I'm I going to do? Its 4am in the morning and I would be thrown out of this house if I don't have sex with him once it is 7am. I thought to myself, with no phone and no one to rescue me, what do I choose.

Leo has always been on my neck, right from when I was a student. He would always call me then in my second year and always ask if I wanted him to buy me chow. He was a cute little friend who was in love with me those years. I had a boyfriend whom I had dedicated my time to; I mean, I don't double date. That was always the statement I used to keep him in check. Back then, he knew who I was dating but he always told me to give him a chance for him to treat me like a queen, offer me anything and any life I wanted. We were of the same age, and at that, I wondered what a student and someone who is approximately 10 days older than I am would offer me, apart from buying chows for me and maybe being around me, which I was already getting from my boyfriend.

One day, I was so sick. My boyfriend and I where at each other's throat. I was at the mercy of my friends; Precious and Janelle. Whenever you have issue with your guy or girl, that's when you remember you own valuable friends, that's actually what was happening. I was so sick that my friends had to put me under their custody. They offered me food, I couldn't eat; I lost my appetite. My temperature increased even after I had taken the medications, the doctor prescribed to me. Janelle; wife material 100 yards, she had to dab my body with a cold towel continuously, it is a local way of regulating the body temperature. Precious on the other hand, would stare at me and say Cecey get better now, in a voice that looks as if she's about to burst into tears.

As my friends were busy taking absolute care of me, Leo called my mobile, he was so caring and sweet. I told him I was sick and you won't believe that he rushed down to where I was i.e Precious room, with chow; fried rice with salad and chicken. He tried feeding me, but I got no appetite for food. My friends let him know that I had refused to take anything that is solid in nature and that they were really scared because I took some pills without eating. Leo excused himself, and on getting back to the room, with him were packs of juice. He handed them to me, smiling sheepishly. I took them from him, the exact way a child takes a gift from her mother. I managed to swallow the juice with pleas from my friends and Leo of course. When I got better, Leo and I became closer but after we resumed for the next semester, he was no where to be found.

Out of my thoughts came, ''before 7am in the morning, I want you out of my house, if you want to stay, you know exactly what to do''
Wow! I knew he meant every word of it and I don't blame him. I asked for a favour and it was granted. He gave me his phone to put calls through to someone and that was the favour I asked for.

As early as 5am that morning, I placed a call through Precious. I hoped upon hope that she would pick up because she is a late riser. I could barely imagine been thrown outside Leo house as early as 7am and have no place to go, but that was the reality I was facing. To my surprise, she picked up at its first dial.

Hello Cecey! this one you calling at this time, what is wrong?

Its Leo, he said if I don't sleep with him, he would throw me out by 7am.

Haha! is that boy okay?

Woo! see I don't know, just try to get me out of here before then.

Who would accommodate you now?  Imelda is your only ex roommate in school and she's squatting with her sister.

Precious, I'm dead o, I don't know what to do right now, and you know sleeping with Leo is not an option for me.

I do, let me think of who to call, okay!

To be cont'd