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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Other Guy (1)

My lover; a simple and interesting man who is compassionate about his affair. He is such a handsome man with a pimple-filled brown face, and mesmerizing heavy lidded black eyes like those of a hunter. A man that always wears a smile on his full lips, which reveals his one-sided dimples, and it is obviously equal to a relaxed and smart person. He is on a black-dyed dread that he always styles in different ways weekly. His beards and sideburns are always neatly trimmed. He is slim and tall and walks stylishly in an erect posture. He dresses smartly on whatever clothing he decides to put on.

My lover is a sweet talker and a very good listener, he is funny, understanding and caring. I call him “Shuga’’.  Humble to the core, very playful and entertaining, there is never a dull moment with him. He is my snbb meaning skinny nigga big balls, if you understand *winks*. His appearance suits my taste and he is super cool.

Shuga came to my house the previous day after work, we made dinner and talked about some of my issues, his responses made me feel good, I was so glad I had a man that could relieve the stress and pressure I was feeling. After dinner, I saw him off.

Then, I went to the mini-market across my house to get some toiletries and soft drinks. On my way back, I heard a voice from a car parked at the front of my building. For a moment, I wanted to ignore but the voice was persistent and that made me walk towards the car.

The guy at the passenger side in front of the white car, stretched his hands saying, ‘hi, you look beautiful and we wanted to talk to you’

I shook him, forcing a false smile replying his greeting with hi! And with a curious face I asked, ‘we?’

You are so pretty! I parked along the road to talk to you. That came from the guy on the sterling.

I stretched my hands to shake his hands and that was when I took a good look at his face. Omg! I was swayed by his beauty, he was beauty made flesh compared to his friend.

In my mind I hoped he was the one who wanted my number. We spoke for about 3 minutes, we exchanged names and the preliminaries. The cute one asked for my number, I gave it, he immediately dialled the number, when it rang, he shouted, more like screaming; that’s my ringtone; Mad over you by Runtown.

The smiles on his face was out of this world and it made me blush, well, he was fascinated. We bade each other goodnight and he rode off.

Next morning, I got a missed call from him, I woke up late, and it was a Saturday. I returned the call and we set a date by 4pm. At first he wanted a dinner date but I always have dinner with Shuga, I didn’t tell him that though. We then agreed to 4pm. We later chatted on Whatsapp for a short while.


11am that faithful morning, Khalel; a friend of mine, came to my house with his friend Ahmed. We headed to the movies. On the way, he got a call from Angela, his girlfriend. She said she needed to go to the market, so he drove towards her house without my consent, and pretended he totally forgot we had a date. I was a bit offended, but I know khalel, he is the kind of guy that puts his girlfriend first in every situation.

When we got to her house, I had to smile, I know her but I’ve never met her in person. As I sat on her bed, I had to call Fawatz. Told him to come to my rescue and in ten minutes he was at Sabon-gari rescuing me from the hands of Khalel, his friend and girlfriend.


‘Have you had lunch’? He asked

No! I haven’t.

I would take you to a very nice place where I eat native food.

That would be nice.


He has this baby soft, peaches and cream triangular fair face, with a small gentle brown eyes, a small pointed nose and an inviting pink thin pouting lips to fit. I observed from the rear side of my eyes. He also has this flair in his speech. He is a sweet talker just like my Shuga. His charisma! Woah! With his smallish body, I was thrilled; could be as a result of his oyinbo complexion. His grey hair is so cute, like the whites. Its long, it touches his eyes and the cool part is that it coils. He is beautiful.

We got to Poundoyam and Co at Lodge Road, and he said something about his friend meeting us for lunch, sort of asking for my permission. It was okay by me, after all the bill is on him.

I ordered for pounded yam, egusi soup and chicken. He ordered beans, reason been that he had eaten earlier before I called him to rescue my ass.

Bae, what drink do you want?

Water please.

Only water?

Yes, of course.


His friend came around, we all had lunch and I got Fawatz to take me to Gwarzo road to spend a little time with my friend. I wasn’t expecting him to because its 30 minutes’ drive but he did. We had two of his friend accompany us to Dharmie place. It was nice visiting her with a crowd of friends.

We got to his area before 7pm. He insisted he showed me his place and I told him some other time as I was running late for my Dinner date with Shuga.

We won’t waste time, we just breeze in and out and I drive you to your house.

I agreed to it.

We got into his house and it was welcoming! His cousin sister and brother with his friend. The house is a two room self-contain, well furnished with all you can think of.  We introduced ourselves and spoke as though we’ve been friends for a long time.


Fawatz took me to his room, we hugged and I thanked him for a day well spent and verse versa. We looked into our eyes and there was no perfect time other than then to exchange kisses. They were gentle French kisses. His kisses tasted like wine, it was so soft, probably because of the softness of his body.

Bae, be my girlfriend, he asked me with a stern face.

I’m sorry, I can’t, I responded.

I am into you, I feel so happy and I am pretty sure I want you by my side.

Don’t you have a girlfriend?

I don’t, the same thing his friends kept saying in the car. How he had broken up with his ex and how he has been so committed to his work since then.

Please say yes.

I can’t.

He kissed me and I kissed him back.

You not leaving here, if you don’t say yes to be my girl, Bae.

I thought about Shuga and I can’t bring myself to hurt him. But Fawatz was a sweet guy also and I enjoyed his presence and I was glad we had to visit Dharmie at Gwarzo.

He placed another kiss on my lips searching for yes as an answer.

I enjoyed every bit of the kiss and I didn’t want it to end.


To be Cont’d


Monday, March 20, 2017


I'm addicted to your smell,enslave to your fragrance

I cultivated the land,even though it has never been tilted

Even though I had to bend a 45 degree

To awaken the sleeping giants

I went deep,even though it appear shallow

every landscape was appreciated,in the right modifications

Made me a boss in all jurisdiction,so I took control of the pier

Every pothole was filled with nascent dexterity

In each bus stop,she alighted with grace

An adrenaline to ignite the machine with passion

A moment of active redemption

As I became entitled to her entitlement

In that moment of passion I was lost

Sweat been neglected, souls clinging to each other...

affection so deep,even deeper than her confusions

I was merciless even in her cry for mercy

The moan was the main motivation

Careless with her careful institutions

We became worn out from our "religious" activities

It all started from her scent,locked up in her fragrance

Bottled up in her souls,direct by our mind

Ignite by our passions,synchronised  by our emotions

Can I tell you a secret?

 I love the taste of your fragrance

Just for you


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

High Maintenance Friendship

I came upon this article and I think it’s very useful in self-assessment and general evaluation of those we call our friends. At some point in our lives, most of us have had a friend least a little trying. High maintenance friend is a friend who always has drama in his or her life, gets pissed at friends over stupid things and is always mad and saying shit about someone.  It is a prison cell, a confined space. You find yourself being drained by someone, constantly on your toes, you aren’t yourself around the person, and you feel a certain way about your friendship. Then you are in a high maintenance friendship. Friendship shouldn’t be hard, I mean life is hard enough, you talk about making money, growing up, choosing the right career path and trying to make something out of your life, friendship shouldn’t be added to the list of your troubles.  It should be without stress, a two way thing; I love you and you love me then let’s be good buddies, wish other well and support each other when we can.  You don’t need all the petty drama in your friendship like I don’t like the way you looked at me today, I think you were throwing shades at me, you gossiped me, you said this about me and stuffs like that. As you grow up and get matured, I don’t think you need all this in your life. I understand that everyone grows old but not everyone is growing up, still we don’t have to entertain certain things in our lives.
How to identify if you are in a high maintenance friendship

If you find you are constantly explaining yourself to a friend: If you spend your time explaining to your friend maybe you need to go back to the drawing board and see if this person is really your friend. Those who love need no reason to love you, they just love anyways and those who don’t need no explanation. You can’t explain yourself to the whole world and you shouldn’t have to. That person is your friend and if you have been friends for so long then the person should know you have good intentions, you don’t wish him or her ill, and you got his or her back, so why do you always have to explain yourself. Some friends could be funny, let’s take this scenario, after a hangout you think everything is alright then before you go to bed you receive a message from this friend saying I don’t really think I liked the way you looked at me today, I don’t really like what you said, I felt like you were throwing shades or I felt like this was how you were and many other things. All these are so unnecessary because you have to explain the reason for every expression or action. Trust me; you don’t want to leave your life like this.

Your mood is determined by your friend’s mood:  there are some friendships where when you are happy you can’t really say you’re happy, you have to like down your happiness just because the person is sad and that’s not fair. I mean if you are sad, its okay we would be sad together and if I’m happy, you too should be happy for me. If you find yourself in a friendship where you feel like how the person reacts to you is how you should react to the person, then you might not be in a normal friendship. I know people have so much time on their hands, but I don’t think you should have time to think if someone is going to be happy with you, if the person is smiling, sad, laughing and so on. All these crazy things who has time for that?  If every time I see you and my mood is determined by the way you feel then I’m sorry we are no longer friends, I’m now your babysitter because you are sad today then I’m wondering should I change your diaper, should I do this, should I do that just to make you feel comfortable with me and to avoid you saying I don’t care or I’m mocking you. That’s not friendship, because you should know I care about you in your dark moments without doing all those. Are you a baby, grow up.

If there is so much competition: Don’t get me wrong, competition is healthy. Healthy competition is when friends know they want to do better, aim higher and they push their selves, and so they are competing with themselves to bring the best out of themselves and not competing over pretty stuffs like who has the best car, better hair do, shoes, clothes and other irrelevant things. Grown people compete over things that just don’t make sense. You find yourself in a friendship where everything is a competition, so much competition over material things mostly, then you are in a high maintenance friendship.

If there is no consistency: when there is no consistency with someone you call your friend, then that person is no longer your friend. What I mean by no consistency is that every day they leave you in a certain way that is different from the previous, last week was smiles, the next was frowns and others you don’t even know. You can’t blow hot this moment and be cold the next minute, just be consistent, we are growing older, people are growing up and as you grow older you need to surround yourself with people that are on your side. There is no consistency with this person if what the entire person wants to tell you are what others say about you or feel about you or what the person thinks you are doing wrong. Don’t get me wrong, there is speaking the truth to your friend, we all know as friend we have to tell one another the truth but there is speaking the truth to a point that it doesn’t just sound like the truth anymore. In this case it is now crowded by so many things like judgements, what people feel, what you really feel but you are still under what people feel. All these causes an on and off friendship, unnecessary misunderstandings that can’t be resolved because a friend is hiding under the influence of what he or she has been fed on by people. In friendship there should be trust and lack of trust leads to inconsistency. So if we call ourselves friends then there should be trust and keep all that fair weather and drama to yourself, there should be consistency with us.

Examine your friends, is he or she adding to my life or taking much away from me, do I have friends that are constantly surrounded by drama, always talking about what I did that is wrong always feel I do things for my selfish interest, you leave them feeling threatened or when you have a misunderstanding, this person throws you under the moving truck with things you trusted with them, you hear false things from this person about you, then you are in no friendship. As grow older, we should learn how to do away with things that cause us harm in any way and be surrounded by positive energy. We should know how to identify who wishes us well and who doesn’t, who only remembers us when our help is needed and who we mean the whole world to. Who trusts us and who is just there to observe our lives and looking for a mistake to hold one to. Friendship shouldn’t be hard, so if you find yourself in a difficult one then you are in a high maintenance friendship.

By  Nelly Okochi

The Date (18+)

At about 2 am on a fateful Tuesday, a dude followed me on Instagram. He liked 8 of my pictures and I did same, after which he added me on BBM.
"Sugar! Good morning! Why are you not sleeping?" he asked.
"I just woke up, I slept very early."
We chatted as though we had known each other for long. Suddenly I asked him how he got my pin and he replied saying, "I would tell you when you go for lunch with me." I said to myself, "Wow! He just asked me out on a date!"
I was glad, and we agreed to see on Friday at Ikeja City Mall. We were going to have lunch at KFC and see a movie at Silverbird gallery. 

The next day, a friend asked if anyone bearing Nero added me on BBM, I replied in the affirmative. "He saw your picture on my phone and then stole your pin. You should be careful of him", he added. "I know him." Nero pinged me, "Sugar I'm really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and I dismissed him. I was eager to know how he got my pin and since I knew I didn't see the need for the date. We continued chatting. He began saying things that made him a man.
"I like you and I would really want us to be close."
Ghen! Ghen!! I said to myself. Now he is showing his intentions. I humbly declined his request. My friend told me a lot of girls hang around him because of his charms. He is a well built, fair, tall and handsome Igbo boy with piercing grey eyes. For some personal reasons, I've decided not to have anything emotional to do with cute guys, let alone cute guys with beautiful eyes. I knew he was interested in my "punani" and I resented him for it. He kept on disturbing me, he said "If you don't want to date me, let me be your side nigga, I just want to be closer to you." I felt he was mad and gave him a piece of my mind. He deleted me on  BBM, I was furious and I unfollowed his ass on Instagram, as well as unliked his pictures.

Two weeks later, he sent me a direct message on Instagram, "Sugar let's make a truce, give me your pin." I did just that and he apologized. I sparingly forgave him, he shouldn't have spoken to me that way, I'm way more than just fucking a dude, besides why did he delete me, he deserved the reply I gave him jare. What does he want from me this time around, I thought to myself. There was really nothing for us to talk about. He kept on saying,
"Baby give me a chance, I love you."
"A lot of peeps love me, you can love me from afar."
"Sugar what do you mean?"
"Pls forget about loving me, I would never ever fall for your lies."

Just when I needed someone to lean on, he chatted me up and told me he truly loves me, and if he was by my side he would never make me feel less happy. I asked him if he was asking me out.
"It depends, what would you say if I was?"
"I could accept you!"
"Really? You pulling my legs joor!"
"Try me", I responded.
"Cecilia 'Brawnnie' Diamond! I like your scraggly hair, I like that you are relatable, I like that you are beautiful AF, I like that you don't form or do unnecessary "shakara", in summary I really really like you and although our friendship is awesome I would love to take it to the next level. I want to be more than a friend baby, I want to be the one you would run to whenever anything is bothering you good or bad, would you date me sugar?"
I didn't even know when I said "If you're not joking I would."
"Sugar! I'm damn serious."
"I'm in then." Crazy right? I couldn't believe myself... Why I decided to date him I just didn't know. I just knew I wanted to know him and give him a chance. I told myself that if I don't like him, I could always break the relationship.

Four days later, we meet at Yaba. His friend picked me and treated me to a bottle of Coke and plantain chips. Soon he joined and we were happy to see each other. We went to the cinema, got ticket to see a movie called 'Black Mass', then got popcorn and Coke. We headed to the theatre and sat at the back towards a corner. The movie was boring, so I started talking to him. He complimented my face and said my eyes were cute. It wasn't as fine as his anyways. As we looked into our eyes, we knew we needed to kiss and we were both ready for the first kiss. We kissed passionately. He felt my boobs, "They are quite big", and I smiled, mumbling a quiet "Thanks." Gosh! I wanted him to do it again, cos I really liked it. As if he read my mind he touched my boobs again with a little pressure. I liked the feeling. He then slid his hand under my dress, brought out my boob and kept it in his mouth. He grabbed the second boob and I moaned slightly. He whispered... "Should I stop baby?" "No, I like it." He left my boobs and focussed on my lips. Choi.... "I needed to do something back", I thought to myself. What would I do? I didn't realize when I unhooked his belt and unzipped his trousers. I slid my hand into his pants, I gently felt his manhood, it was really hard and full of life. I saw the expression on his face, he was holding it in. I touched the cap of his dick down to the shaft over and over again. "Let's use the toilet baby ", he said.
"After the movie boo."
I sat on his laps and he fed me popcorn.

As the movie ended, we headed to the toilet, the Gents of course😁, he locked it and removed my dress, unhooked my bra with ease and we kissed passionately, caressing and romancing. I took his dick into my mouth, swirled around it with my tongue, slowly licked the cap of the dick with my tongue with his hands pulling my hair. After a while, i got tired, and I was a bit angry because I was on my period. I really wanted that beautiful piece of male flesh inside me. We wore our clothes, he was staring at me in unreserved admiration as I applied my lipstick and then we left. He saw me off to the park, and as I was about to get on the bus, he kissed me and said "Cecilia Diamond, I love you."
I got into the bus, he was outside waiting for my bus to move and he still had his bonerπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ... it was a long ride back home and i still couldn't believe what had just happened..

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



Seriously! You shouldn’t have told her that. How could you bring me down? How could you sell me out to your friend? You claim you love me! Out rightly! You don’t. If you do, you would have covered up for me.

Baby, common! You know I love you. You know deep down, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You know I would never say that to increase my ego as you think. I am sorry.

Keep your sorry to yourself. She said I behaved like a jealous lover and you replied saying a good girlfriend would be over protective of her man. I am pretty and smart. I hate the fact that you keep telling your friends I am ‘jealous’. I hate it!

You acted jealously, she figured out and that was why I said what I said.

Oh! She thinks am jealous? she visited you? She must be crazy. Why would I be jealous of her? I know you are in love with me and honestly! I can’t be jealous of her.


Then why were you peeping from the window upstairs?

I was there dumbass! Didn’t you see me there before going to meet her?


I came up, told you I was seeing her off. You snubbed me. What do you want me to do? I hugged you but you frowned at me. I stole a kiss from you but you were still angry. Not a single word from you. I was left with no choice than to see Nonye off. Unfortunately, I looked up as I left our building, and Nonye did same. She saw your countenance and asked?  Why is your woman’s face like that? She’s Jealous right? I responded in the affirmative.


I was angry my woman wasn’t happy, I left with sadness in my heart and all you care about is me not covering up your mess?

Baby! You are cynical!


If you cared about me, you wouldn’t depict me as Jealous. I just didn’t want you going out. I wanted you to stay with me but you had to leave with that woman.


Who wouldn’t be jealous? I was angry she had to see you; stealing our little time. I am not jealous though, but you should have given her another reason to why I was angry.


I’m sorry my love, but you were really jealous, let me say more of insecure and I wonder why? You have me and I love you.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

No ones Cares about me πŸ˜₯😧

I took to my WhatsApp broadcast list this afternoon and posted this; "no one cares about me" with a tearing emoji. I got a lot of replies, i definitely would share some of them.

The first reply I got quotes; "if no one does, I think your bf and Jesus does".
I replied typing; " and my family ".
The person went forward asking, so why do you say no one cares about you?
I dodged that question typing; "for reals, i am serious"
Surprisingly, I got this bomb, "if no one cares about you, then check yourself, including your attitude towards people". That one pierced into my skin and it remain small, i would have replied with something not nice, bluaarrrr!!! I did reply with something not nice sha.
I said, stop replying my messages, you have an annoying nature that pumps out when its not needed at all. Well, sorry to that person, no hard feelings.

The second reply i got says, " before person go care about a lady like you, the person first needs to take care of himself na". I laughed my ass out to that one.

This reply got me a little upset but reasonable though. It says; how come? I replied with, I'm broke.
Imagine his reply! "But Jesus Christ cares!"
He says, come unto me ye that labors and are heavenly loaded and i would give you rest. Just tell him what you want in prayers and he would answer you.
Chai!!! How that one take cure my lack of money for now. Brother at least you for say okay i would send you some cash and also pray to God to send you other helpers. I for they smile na because gone are the days manner falls from heaven.

Most replies said my boyfriend cares. I know he does na. He definitely have to care, if not why would he be my boyfriend. Ladies! If your spouse or bf's don't care, then let them go biko. For me caring is a basic necessity.

A dear friend of mine said, "just one look at you and am already caring about you. Looking at you, i feel like redoing valentine  all over." Only if she knew how i spent my valentine.

Besties and Boo said; "bae you know i care about you", of course, i do know that.

Someone's reply struck me the most, it says, "do something you love to do and let everyone know about it".  Anyways, dear readers!!! It's been a while i wrote or rather published a story on the blog and not a single soul missed my stories or anticipates them. So because of that, i am saying, no one cares about me, tears!!.

Little things like checking up on me when you don't see any of my write ups could uplift one's spirit to do something interesting. For reals, i missed writing stories. Am back from hiding... Lolzzz!!! Anticipate new and intriguing stories. If you care about me, resend the links of my stories to your friends.

I still remain your favorite story writer,
Cecey Diamond.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Valentine's Special

 Yes o! Cecey diamond don come again o! This time na something wey I tag Valentine's Special.

The tori be say, you go just shout out to your loved ones on Valentine's day on the blog with shikini money.

You go think say no be something! But my guy! My sister! Na better be this kain thing because e dey sweet body, mind and soul.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Dearie

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today with a little pain over my neck but here I am all smiles in front of my dressing mirror. Isn't it surprising how am smiling sheepishly, even with the pain I feel on my neck? But I remember what date today is; his womb escape day. In deed! It is a glamorous day! Still on my dressing table, I flashed back to the time we spent together at the University of Ilorin. It was extremely exciting.

 I remembered sitting with him on a mat at our departmental fellowship picnic, little did I know that we would be this close. Our friendship started when he helped me with my food flask in his school bag, two times. His act of kindness propelled me into asking his name, after, of course, giving my appreciation. “I don’t even know your name” I said, "find out" he replied me. I heard his friends whispering Swagger. Obviously! Swagger is not a name per sΓ©, until one of them accidentally called Mayowa from a far, there and then I got to know his name.

 On my birthday, he came around and we got talking. During the Christmas period, we spoke a lot over the phone. After the break, I remembered offering him bread and egg on his first visit to my hostel, but he took a bite, forming porsche for me. Honestly, I never knew we would get to a stage where we would fight over a piece of meat.
 At first, he was always coming to meet me in the class where I study.
Deep down my heart, I will be like “oooh God!, he has come again". I always smile as if nothing was wrong.
Later on, I will ask him “when are you leaving?” but in return, he says, he wants to read with me. As time goes on, I began to enjoy his company.

 Our friendship became so unique, intense and interesting. I remembered those days we go to my fellowship and I tell him to climb the bike first, and then I sit behind him. It got to a time he refused bluntly, saying he must be behind, to protect me.  I was mesmerized the day I got back from church under the heavy rain shivering, late at night. You won’t believe he came to check on me under the heavy downpour that night. There was a day he had to buy drugs for me with his last money, yet I refused taking it, because I don’t like medicine. I saw the pain in his eyes when he realized I didn’t use it.

 Gone are the days we compete on who know how to cook better. One day he said, “you love my boiled meat just because its taste better than yours”. Well, that’s true, but I had to deny it. Even though his food always taste good, he acknowledged the fact that, the beans I usually make with sauce is sumptuous, likewise the fried rice. He will eat and still take away.
 Hmmnnn, money! Money!! Money!!! That was another argument of who likes money more. Well, will I say it’s me or him? The only thing I do more is cumulating his debts, the day of #500, #1000,#2000 etc. But at the end, I would have spent more than that from his own purse, yet I will still collect whatever he owes. But in his case, I will always find excuses of why I shouldn’t pay his debt and before you know it, it will be written off. Lmao.

 I remembered how he defended me even when I was wrong; he stood by me at every point and was always ready to protect me as much as he could.
 The interesting part is any time we have a misunderstanding, I tend to think more of him; I never knew we share the same sickness. This saying is true; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Any time I offend him I know how to calm him down with a good meal. Anytime he offends me as well, he knows what button to press. Mayowa will do anything just to see me happy. There is really so much to write, but in summary I am happy I know him, I am glad to remember every moment we spent together and I’m happier we are still together. He is among the best few persons I have met in my life time. I am so excited to celebrate his first birthday as a graduate.

With so much love from my heart, I wish him a year filled with joy, happiness, mercy, favour and God’s blessing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJAYI ADEYEMI ………IDOWU……..MAYOWA (A3IM2) {YOU CAN FILL IN THE OTHER A AND M}

Alonge Busola.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Unn Celebrities Night.

Unn Kings and Queens Forum presents The New Generation Celebrities night at Grace Manor hotel on the 28th January, 2017.

Your hosts would be; Anita and Melvin and the man on the wheel is no other person than DJ. Country -Man.

If you not at the party! You are most definitely wrong, because it promises to be fun.

Why do people Cheat?

Well, most of them do it over reasons like falling into temptations, for some; partner's inability to satisfy them sexually, it could also be as a cause of bad attitude of their partners and so on but there are some who just do it for the thrill and fun of it, which absolutely baffles me.

Just yesterday, I was out with my guy and a friend of his came to sit with us at our table. Prior to that, we had met ourselves earlier when my friend and I were entering the mall. This guy was with a very pretty lady. We all exchanged greetings and he promised to see us later.

The man was telling my guy that his wife came to the mall yesterday and embarrassed him. I was surprised and asked, you are married? He said he is married for six years now. He continued by saying he went to meet his wife and begged her not to make a scene that he would follow her home and leave the other lady behind. He said his wife took him to the police and they have him 24 hours to leave the house because this isn't the first time something like this is happening. The guy I came with then asked him, why should the police give you an ultimatum to leave your house and he said with his wide mouth that he is the breadwinner of the home. Once again, I was amazed but I kept my mouth shut.

He then started telling us about the girl he just saw off, that they met yesterday at the stadium and she came on to him, telling him that she wanted him and all. He told her he was married and the girl said it was okay to cheat if his wife wouldn't know about it. At this time, my mouth was just hanging open. Do girls actually do that??? Anyways, he continued saying that, they made arrangements to carry out their rendezvous.

The man left us for a while and went to toast another girl and was practically shoving his tongue down her throat in the open. My guy was like what is wrong with this dude?? When he came back, I showed my distaste in what he did and he was like the girl was interested in him because she gave out her number easily. I asked him if he cared for his wife at all and he replied blatantly saying he does but a guy's gotta have a lot of fun.

The guy in question has two kids for Christmas sakes, he went on bragging about all his sexual escapades and was even proud to say he has two baby mama's. This is a guy who doesn't have a good job and is waiting for the light of God to shine on his football career. He married the woman because he got her pregnant my guy told me.

I was left with the conclusion that love isn't just enough, maturity and character are key factors. No mature and responsible individual will do what this guy in my story did, no one!! if you know you can't stay committed to someone, don't put your partner in hell. Guys please try to be responsible and ladies don't just be with someone because they are cute, or they make you feel good etc. Be with someone who loves you and more importantly who has integrity. Do not also force a guy to marry you if you get pregnant, that's just wrong, you are giving him the chance to abuse you in your relationship (not necessarily physical abuse) And if you are in a relationship where your man can be likened to a dog, it's okay to walk away because it's better to be alone than to be in a relationship where your man or should I say partner because it goes both ways, hold no value to you. And most importantly, never forget to value yourself.


Ohalete Precious

My guy...

Marriage is not by force... Do not go and pick up one innocent man's daughter ... Keep her indoors and she would be awake all night wondering if her beloved husband is safe not knowing the buffoon is out there in a club flexing with another woman...😑😑😑😑...

That is not even a fraction of my pain... What pains me the most is that the lady you have been using to cause untold emotional agony to that caring wife is not even half as beautiful as she is.... She is not as endowed with boobs and ass like your sexy wife at home... But that drunk lizard between your legs will never allow you see the difference between POUNDED YAM ( wife ) and IJEBU GARRI ( intruder )...😏😏😏😏....

Instead of sending that lovely wife to an early grave just carry her back to her father please....

Marriage is for men and not BOYS...