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Friday, June 23, 2017

FEAR (a friend in despair)

No Light,
Not even to see the lock
Panic surrounds me
Strangles me mute
I shouted out
I reached out
I could not hear myself
I felt entombed
Echoes in my head
Pain in my throat
My heartbeat became my best song
Fear suffocated me silently
Darkness pierce my chest down to my veins
I became fragile
Fear stepped on me,and became my lovely friend.

Fear is an outrageous feeling,fear makes people feel they actually cant achieve anything.

Are you a victim of fear?
If yes,this poem has describe how you feel.

Are you frustrated?
Dont give in to fear

Are you been intimidated?
Dont give in to fear.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Other Guy (6)

I slept off with his thought. In my dream that night, I saw Shuga seriously chasing me with a matchette, as I ran for my life, I fell and woke up before he could strike.

Next week Tuesday is my birthday and I wondered who I would spend that gracious day with. Would it be Shuga or Fawatz? Well, I wanted to spend the day with Fawatz. He would so spoil me, take me to fine and fun places. But, he travelled already and I hoped he would be around for my birthday. He said he won't miss it for anything in the world and I believed him. Shuga on the other hand, I would love to be with him too but what excuse do I tell him? I don't know.
I would just wait and watch how things unfolds. 

Fawatz gave me #2000 to subscribe my phone before he travelled to Jos. This time around, he barely picked up my calls. Whenever he does, he hands the phone over to his friends and they talk to me insisting he talks about me a lot and they are glad to hear my voice. Of course! What else could they say? By the time the phone gets back to him, he would quickly say his friends are waiting for him, that he would call me later. If I protest, he would quickly drop kisses and hang up. In fact, since he kept me waiting for 12 hours, Fawatz barely picked his calls and when he does eventually, he would side line me and throw kisses before hanging up. I swear it was tiring. I always wanted to tell him I was irritated at the way he treats me, but whenever I was opportune to, he says I nag a lot. 
Seeing Shuga filled in the void of sadness Fawatz had caused me for a week now, yet my heart still longs for his presence. 

On Saturday, Fawatz returned from Jos. I anticipated his visit but he didn't show at my door step. Monday came and I had to go to the market with Shuga to get stuffs for my birthday celebration. Also to buy weaves for my hair. Shuga and I proceeded to the market and I honestly loved all the public display of affections; the way he carried all the bags and held my hands. From the market, we went to the saloon to fix my hair. Shuga and I discussed a lot of things about the present and our future. It was so touching that the hairdresser had to key into our discussion wishing us well. I was so happy and even wished i was having those discussions with Fawatz. Anyways, we both had a fun day. 

After the long hours at the saloon, I felt it was nice to fix dinner for the both of us, this time; appreciation dinner. Shuga watched me while I peeled the potatoes. At a point, I cut my finger with the knife, i yelped. The speed he used to stop the bleeding shocked me, I could feel the pains in his eyes.
Don't cut yourself again Bae. I can't stand seeing you hurt. He took the knife from me and continued peeling from where I stopped. I tried telling him I could do it but he insisted I was hurt and next time I should be extremely careful. 
In my heart of hearts, I knew he truly loved me, I knew he was my soul mate but I couldn't remove the thoughts of Fawatz from my head. I was in love with two guys, how is that possible? Worse part is that one is readily available and the other is so busy to have my time. As these thought ravaged through my mind, Shuga set the plate of porridge potatoes for us to eat and there came a knock on the door. 

Lo and behold, it was Fawatz. I was astonished. I gave him entrance to the sitting room. Few seconds later, I held his hand instigating him to wait. 
I have a visitor dear, let's stay outside. 
Aiit Bae.

I rushed into my room and told Shuga I had a visitor. I urged him to relax and enjoy his meal, that I would be right back. I looked into his eyes and bribed him with a french kiss before he agreed. 

I went outside scared but I  had to give him audience. Why didn't you call to tell me you were coming?
I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I should come say hi. 
It's okay.
If you are busy, maybe we can see some other time.
Shit! Common! Do you realize how much I have missed you and all.
Anyways! Let me not complain before you accuse me of nagging. Tomorrow is my birthday, hope you would be available?
Awww! Baby am so so sorry! I have work to do and I'm travelling to Dutse.
Haba! But you said you would make sure it was a free day for you.
I'm so sorry my love, it skipped my mind. Oga told me this morning about the business trip and all plans have been made.  
I wasn't happy, but it gave me an avenue to spend my birthday with Shuga without having to choose between Shuga and Fawatz. 

Then the shouts of Bae from Shuga brought my disappointed and motionless self back to reality. 
Excuse me Fawatz. 

That's Fawatz right? That's the guy you cheated on me with? I thought as much but I have to go home now. Shuga stay please, I would soon round up with him and we would finish our dinner and tall before you leave.
Bae! I can't wait while you talk to that guy. I tried calming down Shuga but he walked out on me. My heart beat rose, as he walked towards where Fawatz was, because he told me sometimes back that he would fight any man that tries to come between the both of us. 

To be cont'd

Monday, June 19, 2017

First date

Hello,lets meet up

I saw this messege,and i felt all giddy,i instantly felt goosebumps around my cheeks,damn i was happy,blushing and all other mix feelings,ohh suddenly my thought paced to what am wearing: oops inappropriate, then i rushed home.

On my way home,my thought was filled with
*How should i style my hair
*What should i wear and so many thing

This goes on in every girl head,especially on a first date with that special someone
So here are some tips to guide you: (For girls)

1. Wear something that makes you proud of youselve,something that suits you,(Girly,dont wear that gown that goes up whenever nature send breezes,dont wear that top you patched days ago,please wear something you are sure of).

2. Dont be too late

3. Be open minded

4. Dont over research

5. Be honest (say what you mean,make sure you end a conversation before getting into another one,if you want something say it,say the truth.

6. Speak up

7. Dont jump into sexual conclusions (even if he does that, just laugh over it)

8. Dont talk smack (dont talk about the girl at the next table dressing,focus on your date)

9. Give thanks

10. Keep first date short, sweet and unforgettable

Bestie's in "Relationships"

Bestie's in a Relationship

Bestie is a person you tell everything to, someone you trust, someone you care about, someone you can die for😂😂(blaq blaq blaq).

Moreover,bestie's can be of different gender, your boyfriend might have a female bestie, just as your girlfriend might have a male bestie. In this particular type of "bestie's" many relationship/couple becomes insecure.


* Jealousy: this comes, due to the way your spouse associate with that person, you may start feeling angry, getting suspicious, you may start thinking the unthinkable. ( I suggest you talk about these feeling with your spouse so he/she canadjust).

Nevertheless,most opposite sex bestie's are more dangerous, because its likely that either the guy or the girl have feelings for each other, but they have not actually figured out what they have there by dating other people and interacting with other people but still incubating that feeling for their bestie.

In other words, I suggest if you are in a relationship and your boyfriend or girlfriend has a bestie:

*Make yourself know to the bestie
*Interact with the bestie
*Never let the bestie intimidate you
*Dont ever let the bestie rule over your relationship
*Never nag about his/her bestie to your spouse.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

If I were A god

If I were a god ..

It'll rain blood for days
you'll wake up to blood soaked roads and unending darkness
if you wake up that is..
and for those who chose to be the universe's tool to screw me over
i"LL trap you in unending nightmares  that will leave deep scars both mental and physical

If only i were a god ...
a certain breed of lowlifes will cease to exist
take more than a few pounds of flesh to settle my grudges  and may be then i can forgive and forget

If only i were a god...
i'll clear all the worries she had and make for her a world of unending peace and joy
her smiles will remain bright even as the seasons change

If only i were a god
i'll bring the great to their knees ..give to them the life of those they called failures
and like a science experiment see if their future changes as a result of different circumstances...

If only i were a god....
i'd let the souls of unborn kids return and live out their lives and make their parents see what they destroyed

If only i were a god...
my vengeance will be cold and dark, my anger sulphuric ,my mercy subtle and cautious and my love blazing for those who
deserve it

If only i were a god ...
i wont be holding in my anger as i listen to him berate me for things i didn't do because he provides my pay monthly
 i wont even be typing this...but ..but ..just ...if only i were a god......


Its like an caged bird,once you let it out of its cage you can never get it back;
It can be gentle and peaceful like a dove ,
majestic and powerful like an eagle,
and as abhorrent as a vulture.

Sometimes it has the power of a million men and the wisdom of a thousand sages;
And other times it carries the foolishness of a drunken generation;
It can lift the heaviest of burdens or place the insurmountable weight on the shoulders of a man;
It can inspire greatness in a man or inflict his mind with failure and mediocrity;
It can create life and it also can be the harbinger of death.

It is a powerful tool in the hands of man and even though he consciously doesn't know this,he still wreaks havoc with it;
With it illusions are made real and weak minds ensnared;
With it the young are led to war to die for a cause that is not theirs;
It holds the gentle power of a mother's blessing and the dark power of a sorcerer.

It is a reflection of our soul;
manifestation of our desires;
expression of our beliefs,
When strung together it is the melody of your essence;

It is the cell of your thought;
be careful the words you think they make you who you are;
be careful the words you say for you can  never get them back.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The fate of Beggars

It breaks my heart to see children hawking and selling goods on the streets or busy traffic roads. My heart shatters to pieces when I see kids begging from street to street. Failure of a parent to provide the needed food, clothing, shelter, medical care and other basic necessities, to the degree that the child's health and safety maybe threatened with harm, is what makes these kids indulge in begging or hawking for their personal survival. 

Poverty is the major cause. Lazy and low mentality poverty stricken parents usually sit their asses home and send their kids to beg or indulge in some trades thereby trading their future; their education and enlightenment for the little money they make from selling pure water. This is common in the northern part of Nigeria where most kids between the ages of 4 to 11 are seen begging under the name of Almajiri and those who are not begging are busy selling under the scotching sun without slippers on. It is that bad that these kids cannot even hear English the Lingual-Franca. 

When I look at kids selling by the road side, I see low self-esteemed kids who are definitely suffering from mal-nutrition and extremely unhappy kids. Imagine a father taking his beautifully clothed children out and on their way decides to buy chocolates from a kid selling on the congested road. I bet you that beggar or hawker would feel isolated and sad. 

Kids who beg and hawk are prone to different kind of abuse either from their parents or people they beg from. Physical abuse can come from their parents, if they do not sell or beg up to the amount they ought to get. Sexual abuse can happen especially to the girl child. The child can be raped or sexually harassed severally in a bid to sell her goods to touts on the street who in turn would start the process by touching their small breast. As I said earlier, this act can mess up their psychological being which could lead to personality disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression or anxiety and so on.


Often times than normal, I wonder why parents keep giving rise to children they know they do not have the means to take care of. Why should a child cater for his needs and that of his parents? Why would a parent fold their hands and watch their kids suffer instead of enrolling the kids in schools? Why would a parent give rise to a child and make that child suffer? 

What pains me the most is how comfortable these parents are to send their kids to beg. I remember the experience I had when I was schooling in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. A lady dressed in rags sitting at the road pedestrian pavement, sent her scraggy and dirty dressed son to beg from me. I was on shades so I saw her because I was waiting for shuttle to take me inside school, as I was returning from the market. The child held onto my trousers till I gave him #50. Then he ran and gave the money to his mother who was busy breast feeding her dirty infant. Seconds later, she ordered the young boy to go beg another uncle who was neatly dressed, I don't know if he tipped the boy or not, because a shuttle appeared at my front and zoomed off to my hostel. The point here is that, most parent beggars propel their child to beg and they see it as a business. If not, I see no reason why they won't save up what they begged so far and start up a business since they are not handicapped. It is easier not to turn down kids than adults who beg, because of this reason, they decide to use their child as revenue making machine.  

Just as children grow, so also do beggars grow. I feel beggars would grow to a stage where they would become violent to get what they want especially when they are turned down. They would take things by force which mostly results in violence. People do not wake up one day and become armed robbers or thieves. Persons who are comfortable with begging, those who have no shame for asking of help always, would become violent in the nearest future because when they grow up, they can't beg as easily as they used to do while they were kids. Most often times, their future would move towards the negative. 

A story I heard somewhere, a man saw a beggar who could draw well by the roadside, an artist beggar. He was touched by the diagram and categorically begged his beggar parents to train their talented child, give him education and make him a renowned artist but the parents refused. The crowd begged and begged the parent to let the man take care of their talented beggar child but they refused. The good Samaritan who was touched and who could feel the bright future of the beggar began to cry but the selfish beggars refused to let the talented child go. Why? Because that child is the source of survival to the beggars. People who appreciate the beauty of art would drop some bar when they see his work. What a shame!  

If kids where to choose from birth whose family they would enter, I'm sure they would all want to belong to the rich and educated family. Then why don't we hustle first and pave way or make life comfortable for our kids before giving life to them. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Diana. (3)

Diana wanted to wear back her pant*es but he asked her not to. They went back to the bar and continued drinking and laughing with their friends. But while they were laughing with their friends, henry was busy playing and finger**g Diana.

Diana smiled aloud to cover her moans. At a point she placed her right leg on henry laps for easy finger**g but no one  on the table suspected. After some time she decided to sit  on Henry's laps. Henry had his zippers open and his manh**d sprouted out. She sat on it and rode it stylishly as Henry fed her the André wine. 

Sophia and John  on the other hand, where getting to know and like each other. At a point John shouted that he's beggining to like Sophia. Sophia giggled and she gave an okay response. 

The drinking finished quite late and Sophia was angry she was going to spend the night with John. Diana gave her a don't worry look, telling her that John is a cool person, and that he wouldn't hurt her. It was a way of calming her nerves, because Sophia was busy giving Diana signs so they don't get to sleep out but Diana wasn't willing to let go of Henry's presence. 

The four of them walked side by side to their cars. Diana drove in Henry's car and Sophia in John's car. 
Are we lodging? Diana wanted to know. 
No, we not. We are headed to John's place. He has empty rooms and am sure you and your friend; Sophia, can use one of them. 
Nah! I want to spend the night with you dear. 
I know right! But Sophia needs to be comfortable first. 

When they reached, John welcomed Sophia and Diana to his abode. He asked them to make themselves comfortable and they sat on the sofa. Then John took Sophia to his room. Knowing the entire building was own by John made Sophia's mind to be at rest. John kissed Sophia and thanked her for a night well spent. 

John fixed water for her to bath. And after she had her bath, Henry fixed water for Diana to bath. As Diana entered the bathroom, Henry decided to bath her again. Diana didn't hesitate and John promised Sophia he would bath her the next morning. Diana and Sophia wore their respective men boxers and tops. It was like the two guys were competing amongst themselves because they were doing almost same thing. Anyways, they are friends so it's a bit normal. 

Henry took Diana to his room and they had mad series of s*x. Diana orgasmed severally, as usual, she destroyed the bed and bedspreads with her Squirt. After two hours of mad love making and bed destruction, they couldn't bring themselves to sleep on the bed because of cold, then they decided to share John and Sophia's bed. 

John and Sophia were naked when Henry and Diana entered the room.
What do you want? John asked in the darkness. 
We joining you tonight, our bed is destroyed. Henry said as he moved toward the bulb switch. 
He kept on the light and John and Sophia shouted correspondingly, "put off the light". 
Meanwhile they had seen their nakedness already but he still obeyed. Henry quick kept off the light for them to organise themselves before turning it on. 
They later yabbed themselves and when everyone was tired, they kept the light off and went to bed.

Few hours later, John and Sophia got intimate. They were making love the orthodox way. The shaky bed woke Diana and Henry. On seeing this, Henry got down on Diana for the hundredth time that night. Diana eyes were focussed on John and Sophia who were busy having fun. As the strokes John gave Sophia increased, the pleasure Diana was felt aggravated. John's penetrations were pacing very fast and of course this made Sophia moan louder as she could no longer swallow her moans due to the pleasure emanating behind her, Diana climaxed and squirted on Henry's face with a loud noise all thanks to the mad pleasure she derived  from being s*cked as well as watching live p*rn.

Diana ran out of the room as John asked a rhetorical question; Omg! What's did you just do? 
Henry ran after her and took her to their previous already destroyed bed telling her not to be shy about the way she release. But she couldn't believe her eyes because her herself have never squirted from head giving. 

To be continued

The Other Guy (5)

The next morning, Fawatz stood me up. We were to see by 10am but he kept posting me. A knock on my door by 10pm, I knew it was Fawatz. I was angry he kept me waiting for 12 hours.

I went into the kitchen that cold Sunday morning to fix water to bath. After plugging the boiling ring to the electric socket, I called Fawatz to remind him of our church date by 10 am. He was still sleeping so I couldn't hear him well. I dropped the call, deciding to call him by 9am since guys don't take time to prepare. I fixed myself before 9 and ringed his phone again. This time, he was fully awake. He told me he won't be able to make it to my church because his mum asked him to take her to church. I murmured, but he assured he would see me after service. He said we would see the movie "the wedding party".

I went to church, prayed for my Shuga, Fawatz and myself. I asked God to give me the fortitude to be able to date the two of them without any catching me red handed.  After service, I waited for Fawatz call, but I didn't get any. By 2pm, I was feeling hungry so I gave him a call, besides, the movie was scheduled to show by 2:50 pm. Fawatz asked me to hold on that he was on his way. I waited and waited until the movie time passed. I was angry but when I called him, I couldn't even vent my anger. He said his mum asked him to stay for lunch and the food is still not ready. But once he eats, he would be on his way to my place.

It clocked 7pm, I was so tense that I moved from one corner of my room to the other. I even checked from my window severally, to see if it was Fawat'z car, but then it wasn't. I called his phone but his friend; Adam's picked up.
"Babe! Your boyfriend is in a business meeting now, they are trying to agree on price and he can't be on the phone with you. Once he's done, we are coming to your house straight up", Adams said fluently and hung up the call. 

My roommates laughed at me and welcomed me into the waiters club, because they always wait for their boyfriend's for hours, before they show up and during the wait; the guys always claim to be on their way. But my Shuga is very time conscious. If he must be late, he would call to state his reasons on time. 

About 9:30 pm, I removed my supposed outing dress, as I was no longer expecting Fawatz again. Before I could have dinner and retire to bed at about 10pm, a knock was on my door. As I opened it, it was Fawatz and his friends. 

Baby! I know you are very angry at me, I got caught up in unplanned and unavoidable situations. I'm so sorry. 
I refused to say a word or look at him so I walked into my room, giving him and his friends entrance. 
"Adams beg Bae for me na", Fawatz asked his friend to beg me.
Beg what? I yelled. You kept me waiting for good 12 hours, no one has done that to me before. You are nonchalant about keeping to time and it infuriates me. 

But Adams made fun of everything and that made me smile, while they both  said sorry. Then and there, I forgave them. 

Shuga called my phone, I didn't pick up because I had visitors at an ungodly hour and besides my room was really noisy. Fawatz and friends left at about 11pm after dropping some soft kisses on my lips and forehead. 

As soon as they left, I called my Shuga. Told him I just woke up to pee and saw his missed calls. He was cool so we chatted into the night. He asked me if I was still seeing Fawatz and I told him No. Then he kissed me goodnight through WhatsApp emoji. 
I slept off with his thought. In my dream that night, I saw Shuga seriously chasing me with matchette, as I ran for my life, I fell and woke up before he could strike me. 

To be continued 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

BBECIL; The Con Artist

A man took to my Instagram direct message (DM) sometime in February asking for my services. He said, "I understand that you are a writer! Can you write a detailed business proposal on educational partnership and investment?" 
Yup! I am. I can write the proposal, I replied. 
Okay! How do I relate the intent of the proposal to you? 
Add me on WhatsApp. 

I gave the man my WhatsApp number and within minutes he added me. We exchanged pleasantries and he cut to the chase. Can you really write the proposal? 
Yes of course! You can check my blog for my previous work. 
I've checked them, that's why I contacted you at first. Anyways! What's your price tag?
I would charge you #33,000. 
I would pay #20,000. 
To avoid further biddings, I agreed he paid #20,000 for the proposal. 

Sir, I would finish your work in three days. You would pay 10k as deposit first and then complete the remaining after the work is completed. That's cool. Send your account number. 

I sent my account number to him and kicked off his work on Friday. I expected the part payment but I didn't get it. I decided to chill till Monday while working on his job. On Monday came and the part payment wasn't paid. I finished his work on Tuesday and told him I was done with his work. He asked me to hold on, that he would pay me next week. 

Pardon? I asked. 
Right now, I am very busy and I won't use the ATM or go to the bank. 
Then why did you insist I finish your work urgently? I asked angrily. If I could exert my anger through WhatsApp I would have, because I was punching my keypad so hard as if it was the keypad owing me. 
Wait! I'm not even sure you did a good work. 
Sh*t! That word pissed me off. 
What do you mean?
I'm not sure you are capable of writing the proposal. If you are let me see then I would pay your money. 
Sir, I can't show you without the deposit. 

I couldn't clearly remember what he told me that made me send him all the work. He insulted me as a person and as a writer. My ego was scattered, then I took the risk. I sent him the finished work through WhatsApp. Immediately, he said he would read through and get back to me when he was less busy. 

It took him 2 days to reply to the work I sent to him. When he replied, he said he was over impressed and since I did a brilliant work, he was going to employ me in his company as a contract staff. 
I asked him for my money and he said he would deposit the money next week. Next week came and I didn't get alert. I waited till the end of the week before asking him for my money. He replied saying something came up and that he would never take what doesn't belong to him or cheat me. 

A month passed and this man has not paid. Later on, I needed the money for something very important that weekend and I practically begged him to pay me. He said he was going to ask someone in Nigeria to pay the money to me since he was in Ghana. That weekend, no show. I was furious and I asked him for my money again but this guy called me "Queen of the coast" because I told him God would repay him by purging for stealing my work and cheating me.  He claimed he would send back the PDF file, and that he had not used the work.

How can you send back the soft copy that has been in your custody for over a month? I ranted!
I have not stolen from you and I have no money to pay you, so don't disturb me again, ever!

I cried and cried on my bed. Then I decided to tell my mother. She said she would pray about it. In two weeks, after my mother's prayer, the man came to my WhatsApp begging and begging. I'm sorry Diamond but I would pay for your work. God! I can't cheat you or anyone. People are owing me over 8 million. What's 20 thousand that I cannot pay?

But up till this moment, my alert never show. Why am I writing this? I trusted him because he used God name and blessed me whenever I asked about useful information I would be needing for his proposal. But he clearly is a Con Artist

I'm still angry though.